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Everything you need to start and run your own agency!

Here is exactly what the Kit Brings: 

Kit 1: Getting Started
Getting Started Video (1.8 gb)
Documents (21mb)

Kit 2: Getting Clients
Getting Clients Video (1.5 gb)
Documents (316 mb)

Kit 3: Building a Team
Building a Team (1.5 gb)
Documents (5 mb)

Kit 4: Skool OS
Skool OS Video (1 gb)
Documents (99 mb)

Bonus Examples (201 mb)

Extra Bonus
Skool Worksheets (2 mb)


1. Getting Started  ($249)

Starting Toolkit:

  • Clarify and remove your unknowns
  • Look & feel professional and organized
  • Have a roadmap you can share and follow


  1. Business and planning workbook
  2. Guide and resources for setting up your business (The Paperwork)
  3. Example plans and links
  4. Skool video guide

2. Getting Clients ($249) 

Marketing & Sales Toolkit:

  • De-mystify marketing and sales process
  • Design a tangible action plan
  • Plan and track your sales in a visual way


  1. Marketing & sales workbook
  2. Sales presentation template
  3. Sample contracts Skool video guide

3. Building a Team ($249) 

Team Toolkit

  • Simplify the process of finding team members
  • Do & Don’ts in building a team
  • Align your interests and long-term goals


  1. Team toolkit
  2. Sample contracts
  3. Resources and links
  4. Skool video guide

4. The Skool OS ($499) 

Project Toolkit

  • Make your projects painless and fun for you and your clients
  • Visual overview to the web design process
  • Use a repeatable process to make every one of your projects a success


  1. Web Design Essentials Guide
  2. The Skool workbook
  3. Skool video guide
  4. And more

5. Bonus Examples ($249) 

Actual Project Examples

  • See how we already did it
  • From client briefs to budgets 
  • Be confident that you are doing it "right"


  1. Client workbook and brief
  2. Sample Stylescapes
  3. Sample budgets

Over $1,500 of value.

Only $99!  

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


The Skool is very different, it provides me with a rock solid structure that I trust and can confidently use on every project, start to finish. I trust Jose and his methods due to his professional track record and success. While this would be enough reason to join, I have found a mentor in Jose, and comradery in the other members of The Skool. As a solo entrepreneur, this support system is priceless.

Raymond Ringston, Founder Ringston Media
New York,

"The education and toolkits provided by The Skool/Agency In A Box has been pivotal in shaping our internal discipline and winning new projects. Within months of use, we've seen our agency grow in terms of revenue, profitability and overall experience"

Scott Stanford, Managing Director
Greensky, London, UK

"The Skool has given me an invaluable framework I can use moving forward to take my work to the next level. It’s not just not nice to have, it’s essential! With each class  and workshop I grow more confident in my ability to deliver great work to my clients. I can’t wait for more content, more workshops and more awesome class time! Thank you!"

Kevin Hollingsworth, Freelance Project Manager
Los Angeles, USA 














We are glad you made it to Skool Tools. We are working to create Toolkits, Paper Products and other awesome tools for creatives like us to grow our businesses. We are creatives ourselves so we know what it's like to build a business from your POV. Let us know what you think.