I Am Not A Graphic Designer!

Yes, I said it. "I am not a graphic designer.”

I am not the guy who makes your logo, I am not the guy who lays out your website, designs your marketing campaign. I don’t design identities, I don’t design style guides, I don’t create wireframes, I don’t create site maps. I am not a creative director either. I don’t manage creative teams, I don’t put together creative briefs.

So what am I? I am a leader, strategist, teacher, a coach a facilitator, co-creator and partner. I don’t do things for you, I do things with you. I have a seat at the executive table next to the CEO and the board. I don’t mince words, I will tell you the truth even if you fire me for it. I bring 18 years of running digital projects to the table. I teach your teams how to work together, with two goals: High Velocity & High Fidelity. AKA. Fast and effective.

In the process your identity will get done, your wireframes will get done and your site will be built. But I am not doing it for you. I am training your team and leaving them better than when I got there. Better yet with the tools they need to continue to kick ass and take names.

I help teams define who they are, who their customers are and what their goals are. I don’t dictate it or research it, I facilitate your team to do it. I train your team how to use design thinking / strategy to design your product, design your marketing campaigns and launch new ideas. I train your team to work fluidly, in alignment with each other and with each other’s goals. Fast, effortlessly.

I care less about what your product is and more about what it does for your customer. I care most about your team and your process. You care and know more about your product than I ever will. I care whether your CUSTOMER is getting what they need. Everything about your product and your industry I will learn as needed.
My job is to make sure they are not blinded by “product tunnel vision” where "More features" is better and that they get out of the office and understand the customer!

How do I do this? I do this using a process of facilitated continuous customer discovery. Like an operating system for people to collaborate in the 21st Century.
At the center of this operating system it is about understanding who you are, your brand, knowing exactly who your customers are and what they need and finally what your prioritized business goals are.
I believe that this has to be done LIVE in facilitated work sessions that produces immediate actionable consensus and alignment between all team members and stakeholders.

Once who you and who your customers are is defined I provide an Agile based framework to help teams execute and deliver. In addition helping leadership teams COMMAND attention and maintain FOCUS throughout delivery.

I don’t design your graphics. I design your business.
My palette is process and people are my brushes. Your business is my canvas.

I am not a graphic designer, I am a business artist, I am a business designer.

This is not an Agency, it is a movement. A movement to change how we work in the 21st Century. To love what we do. To thrive. To love. To be one, in harmony with mind, body and spirit. In harmony with the planet and with each other.

Much love,
- Jose


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