“I just got a check from a client for a $20,000 website. It's been incredible. The things that I've been able to do with CORE— I didn't imagine that this was available for someone like me.”
Ben Burns, CEO/Founder
Burnt Creative Agency 

“The Skool has given me an invaluable framework that I can use moving forward to take my work to the next level. It's not just nice to have, it's essential!”
Ken Hollingsworth
Freelance Project Manager

“I've been able to sell my agency's services far more effectively and successfully than ever before!”
Ben Thompson, Founder

“Within this process lies the very essence of how and why some companies, teams and projects excel and why others don’t. This should be mandatory training for all employees.”
Jeff Wright, Senior Strategist, Business Intelligence

“Valuable insight with actionable education that can be implemented immediately.”
Xavier Miller
Creative Strategist

“I totally recommend this for designers but also for anyone who owns a business. Very useful to understand yourself and your business.”
Jin Jin
Elite Media

“It was amazing to see what you can create in such little time!”
Brittani Mulvaney
Blue Cross Blue Shield

“I would recommend this to agencies because it’s a great way to start a project with your clients. It gets you on the right track right away.”
Melissa Schulman
Pastilla Institute of Design

“CORE is fast & furios. It’s learning LIVE with great teachers and motivated participants. It was life altering, I’ve wanted a process to get buy-in from clients and I know CORE will help us do it.”
Stephanie Helline
Strategic Design Studio

“CORE is pretty remarkable. A really comprehensive process that helps our work be more targeted and valuable to our clients and their businesses.”
Eric Graves, Sr. Designer
Baker Communications