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Pitch Kit


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Pitching. Luck or repeatable process? Stop guessing what the client wants. Gain clarity, structure, and know exactly what to focus on in your pitch.

Your creative business lives or dies based on the opportunities you can win. You pitch, but when you win, often times it feels like luck. You’re guessing at best. You need a clear process to extract a client’s needs, so you can focus your efforts on the ideas that will resonate with them. Win more opportunities. Stop relying on luck.

A Streamlined process to align with your clients, refine your ideas, deliver more effective pitches.

  • Go in with a Gameplan. Know how to handle the creative brief, run your ideation process, and how to deliver your presentation.
  • Gain Clarity. Define exactly what you need to create out of the first meeting. Ask better questions. Eliminate possibilities. And establish, with your client, a clear criteria for what a winning pitch should look like.
  • Filter Ideas Fast. Create a framework to evaluate your ideas, and speed up your process. Learn how to ideate, test, and refine ideas, based on the criteria you establish with your client.
  • Air-tight pitches. Know exactly what the client needs to see and hear, in order to award the job to you. Know how to structure your pitch deck and how to present it. Deliver effective pitches that clearly address your client’s goals.

What’s included in The Pitch Kit

  • The Pitch Kit Guide. 106 page PDF document to walk you through the entire pitch process. From creative kickoff meeting, to ideation, to final presentation. Complete with examples, scripts, links, and answers to common problems and objections that arise during the pitch process.
  • Worksheets. Make sure you get everything you need from the client meeting. Create a structure and filter for what should go into your pitch deck.
  • Archive of real pitches. Years of past pitches from creative director Matthew Encina.

What Studios and Creatives Say

Used by design studios, post-production houses, designers, and art directors around the world.

"At first I thought The Pitch Kit was your average tip book. I'm glad I was proven wrong. The Pitch Kit is a well organized and systematized guide to preparing and delivering an effective and persuasive pitch. If pitches are a big part of your role or company, you need this!”
– Beaux Flamiano. Sr Art Director, Acquire BPO

"The pitch kit gave me the secret sauce to come into a creative meeting prepared. I know exactly what I need to ask, need to listen for and prepare for a great pitch. I would recommend it to anyone who lacks clarity and structure in the creative kick off and pitch process."
– Frank Shi. Co-Founder / Director, Paper Triangles

"The Pitch Kit is a great tool for designers just starting their careers and veterans alike who are on the path to improving their pitching process. Very insightful information and a great resource for example pitches which helped us to hone our process moving forward. Definitely worthwhile purchase and a must have for anyone going into the pitching process."
– David Hartman. Co-Founder, Creative Director, Werewolf

Tested & Refined

"I’ve been working in the design and post production field for over a decade. I started in this industry as designer and animator, and now I serve as a creative director at Blind. I’ve pitched and won projects for some of my dream clients–  Xbox, Playstation, and music artist Coldplay.

As a creative director, I’ve spent years refining my pitch process. Reading books, learning from other directors, and testing out different ideas to see what was most effective. When I first started pitching, my win rate was about 33%– I only won 1 out of 3 pitches. Today, my win rate is above 75%. That’s because I understand the pitch game and have a developed a process to gain clarity and structure. Now when I pitch, I can fully focus my efforts on the ideas that win."
– Matthew Encina. Creative Director, Blind

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